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History of clay hill garden

Because every country venue has a story!


Clay Hill Garden's owner Debbie Wilson purchased the property that would become Clay Hill Garden Events in 1995.  Wilson's new property was located in the countryside village of Yale, Virginia where she had been a lifelong resident.  Years earlier she had constructed a small building with salvaged wood from her great grandparents' old home in Yale.  Wilson moved that building to her new property.  With the help of friends and family, she then built her future home around that first building.  

Wilson named her new country estate Clay Hill because she quickly realized after purchasing the property that her yard consisted mostly of clay.  She remembers, "I had the biggest mess anyone could ever dream of!"  With determination and a passion for hard work, Wilson built a home, restored four antique buildings, and grew gorgeous gardens and a vibrant lawn.  By 2009, Clay Hill Garden was ready to welcome guests as a venue for special events.

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