Clay Hill

Garden Events

I purchased my property in 1995. I moved a small building from my previous property that had been built from salvaged wood that came from a home my great grandparents had lived in. I had a friend, Martha, who was as equally as hard headed as I was. SHE decided that SHE was going to build me a house! It was all over with at that point! We were two stubborn women who were not afraid to get dirty!

Not to mention, we were not about

to listen to anyone! The first building we moved (that

was to be my home) was lived in by my son and I

while we were adding on. My yard consisted of mostly

CLAY, hence the name, Clay Hill. I had the biggest

mess anyone could ever dream of and I cried about it

daily! I would remember my daddy telling me I could

do anything I put my mind to. I wasn't about to give

up! I think there were times my parents probably

wondered what they had created! I actually think the

whole town of Yale thought I was nuts! But with the

help of my friends and family, a home, a garage,

4 moved buildings, and a tiki hut later, my Clay Hill is now a place to hold "Clay Hill Garden Events" from weddings to cookouts to parties.